Join Angel syndicate to invest in the best startup of Arctic15 startup conference



Why an angel syndicate? 
After some crazy years, VC investments in early-stage startups are slowing down, and it offers excellent opportunities for Angels to invest in some of the most promising startups. 
So together with Arctic15 and FIBAN, we decided to gather a group of angels who will invest in the best startup of the pitching competition arranged in Arctic 15 startup event in June 2023. 
Syndication process 
The syndicate members will pre-commit to invest min. 10k€ to the winner of the competition, pooling up the total investment of the syndicate. Currently, the syndicate has commitments of +100k€, and new angels are welcome to join the syndicate.
The winner will be selected by the syndicate as a group, and each member can impact the decision. The syndication process will be led by Tuomas Pahlman, an active angel investor with more than 30 startups in his portfolio. 




Investment criteria: 

  • Startup is located in the Nordics or Baltics
  • Early stage, Pre-seed - Seed round
  • Preferably some revenue and a prototype of the solution  is available
  • Sector agnostic, according to preferences of the syndicate.
  • The deal needs to show potential for a high return on investment.  
Timeline & Practicalities 
  • Startup applications for the pitching competition ends on APRIL 12th.
  • Syndicate members can access all startup application data on the platform. 
  • The syndicate will select Top15 companies by MAY 16th. 
  • The winner of the competition and investment will be announced on the Artic15 conference mainstage on JUNE 2nd. 

Interest joining the syndicate? 

Just leave you details here, and we will get back to you. 

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