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About us

Building a startup is tough. We’ve been there. And while it’s hard to say some of our team’s ventures succeeded, it is damn easy to know why some failed. Armed with these insights, some of us thought that moving to the other side and mentoring startups would be easy. Boy, were we wrong! Mentoring turned out to be even harder. Finally when we started to invest in startups, we noticed that getting to the root cause of issues is terribly time consuming. And with requests for advice from portfolio companies piling up, we were always running out of time.
That's why we started developing simple tools to analyze startups faster. At first it was just Google forms and spreadsheets allowing startups to self evaluate their issues. Then it was tools for us and other startups mentors to easily identify common issues not identified by the startups themselves. HöpöHöpö was born.
Fast forward a couple of months and over 70% of Finnish startups and investors like FIBAN had become users and we had gained unparalleled knowledge of the most common issues startups face at different development stages. But it also made us realise how much startups evaluate themselves differently than the way potential investors will evaluate them. That’s why we build a platform helping startups to develop 5x faster (we found this out from the data) with tools enabling easy diagnostic, better and faster feedback loops, more efficient handover between startup coaches and much more.

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Our collaboration with HöpöHöpö not only helped to understand our applicants in great details but also armed us with actionable insights and ability give better feedback to the startups looking for funding.
Antti Viitanen
Deal Flow manager at Fiban
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