Discover the progress of startups from day 1

For early stage startups, only progress matters. But measuring progress is tough. We will arm you with the tools to discover the best performers.

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Why startup progress matters

We’ve researched more than 2000 funding applications to VCs and Angel investors. The startups that received funding from investors were 10x bigger in terms of revenue in a period of 5 years, vs. the startups that did not receive funding. 

But was it because of the funding itself? Or because some startups had been built for success and funding was a no brainer? 

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Only invest when the startup is ready

  1. Evaluate startups in minutes with our data-driven methodology. 
  2. Startups work on issues tagged by investors.
  3. You get notifications when a prescreened startup has reached your expectation levels. 


Focus on what matters

No pitch deck overload

Only the best performing startups within your preferences bubble up.

Save time & stay organised

No long thread emails

Share feedback, give ratings and get intros to hot startups, all in one place.

Automate with collaboration


Keep tabs on the hot startup deals as they happen.

"Our collaboration with HöpöHöpö not only helped to understand our applicants in great details but also armed us with actionable insights and ability give better feedback to the startups looking for funding."

“We are not in deep tech. We are a values based business. We are an innovative zero waste natural cosmetics start-up and it is not so easy to find investors who understand our business. It is nice to find tools that can help you find the right people. Using startup evaluation can help to target the right investors.”

“ helped us save time by revealing our investment readiness status and also some hints to investor's points of view and what they look for in startups when screening the applications.”

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