Portfolio management for Business Angels

Digital platform for keeping your startup investments up to date.


Built for business angels. And loved by startups.

Your pain?  We understand. We've been in both sides of the table. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no one else.

Evaluate startups

Forget cold emails. 

Tired of getting emails and LinkedIn messages from founders you don't know? We hate it as well. Now you can set up in seconds a simple site defining the criteria you want the founders to fill when approaching you.

Evaluating, declining or following up deals has never been this easy. 

And the best is, that you don't have to feel the bad karma, when you are did not say no to all the persons approaching you.



Track your investment returns

Forget Excel. 

So you kept track of your investment at first. Maybe till the 5th investment? Then the follow-on rounds started to happen. Dilutions. And rounds that you did not participate in anymore. 

Tracking IRR and multiples is not rocket science, but it becomes complicated when you start to have +5 portfolio companies and 5-10  rounds in each company. 

We made it easier for you. 

Track progress

Forget lost notes.

The prebuild issue tagging tool includes 50+ standard startup screening issues and questions about how to solve them. The intuitive UI allows you to minimize time spent on repetitive work and maximize best-in-class feedback. 

And with the feedback paper trail, you see which startups act on the feedback and gear up their progress. 


Track your investments like VC's

Lead your portfolio with data

Keep track of your investments performance like leading VC's are doing. 

Save time & keep organised

Share with tax accountants

Keep all documents in place and share the view with your tax accountant. 

Automate with collaboration

Get updates automatically

Working together with the startups and co-investors, you will get automatic updates to your portfolio



What's included:

  • Up to 5 portfolio companies
  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Drill down to cap table details
  • Automatic updates made by co-investors

Super Angel


Annual subscription with Starter features plus:

  • More than 5 portfolio companies
  • History of share transactions
  • Transaction document storage
  • Share with your accountant

Need clarification?

Why was Höpöhöpö started?

Building a startup is tough. We’ve been there. And while it’s hard to say why some of our team’s ventures succeeded, it is damn easy to know why some failed. With these insights, we thought that moving to the other side of the table,  investing and coaching startups would be easy. Boy, were we wrong! It turned out to be even harder. We noticed that getting to the root cause of issues is terribly time consuming. And with requests for advice from portfolio companies piling up, we were always running out of time.
That's why we started developing simple tools to analyze startups faster. At first, it was just Google forms and spreadsheets allowing startups to self evaluate their issues. Then it was tools for us and other startup investors and coaches to easily identify common issues not identified by the startups themselves. Höpöhöpö was born.
Fast forward a couple of months and over 70% of Finnish startups and investors like FIBAN had become users and we had gained unparalleled knowledge of the most common issues startups face at different development stages. But it also made us realize how much startups evaluate themselves differently than the way potential investors will evaluate them. That’s why we build a platform helping startups to develop 5x faster (we found this out from the data) with tools enabling easy diagnostic, better and faster feedback loops, more efficient handover between startup coaches and investors.

What kind of name is Höpöhöpö?

Yeah we understand. The dots on the o look weird in most languages. We are Finnish and it seemed natural to us to choose a Finnish name. While you might think all Finns do is have saunas, we are also big on startups (4th European country when it comes to startup per capita actually).  But more important is what it actually means. Höpöhöpö is usually said to someone who is talking silly or non-sense as a way to call them out and ask them to stop it. This is exactly what we want to bring into the noisy startup world: a no non-sense straight forward approach.

Who is the platform for?

We work with all actors interested in building thriving startup ecosytems (from founders, to VC, angel investors, city development agencies, incubators and startup competitions or events organisers).