Lead your portfolio to successful funding

Offload the mundane fundraising tasks for your portfolio startups. Let them focus on their business instead.

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Follow your portfolio's individual funnels

Know exactly how your portfolio's funding rounds are going. Access contact pipelines, build a systematic process, and keep startups' CRM data structured.

Individual funnels
Discover - investor list

Get tailored investor list for each of your startups

No need to manually keep lists updated. Discover the best-fit european investors for each of your portfolio startups and browse up-to-date details on their investment thesis and contact details.

Assign warm introductions

Find the best warm intros for each startup faster and keep them organised in one place.

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Sync communication with co-investors and founders

Keep the fundraising progress up to date for everyone. Share feedback, add notes and follow up on discussions in each of the startup.

Track the details without losing the big picture

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Help your portfolio fundraise

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